An Introduction to Fritanga

Hosted by Antonio Tijerino, is a cultural coming together for Latinos to find comfort, connection, information, identity, and inspiration by exploring what makes us complicatedly compelling and how to move forward with greater unity.

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March 31, 2023
Fritanga Podcast
An Introduction to Fritanga
An Introduction to Fritanga
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A new episode will premiere the third Thursday of every month, digging into Latinx culture - the past, present, and future - and broadening the definition of community and familia.

An Introduction to Fritanga

What’s a Fritanga?

In parts of Latin America, including Antonio’s birthplace of Nicaragua, a fritanga is a gathering space where a variety of down-home food is fried, cooked, and served communal style. Fritangas transcend class structures, race, ethnicity, and other divisions by providing an accessible space to connect over comfort food, culture, and community. Much like the variety of offerings in a fritanga, our Latinx identity is composed of a variety of elements that represent unique lived experiences, values, and community, each with its own flavor and sazon. These elements are brought together in our Latinidad.

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An Introduction to Fritanga

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An Introduction to Fritanga


Antonio Tijierino